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Level 1

Never surfed before or need a refresh

Whether you're a complete beginner or need to brush up on your skills, we will introduce you to the fundamentals of surfing or help you reacquaint yourself with the basics.

Learning the basics of surfing

We'll focus on teaching you the essential elements of surfing, including proper paddling techniques, mastering the pop-up (transition from lying to standing on the board), and understanding wave dynamics.

Developing fundamental skills

We'll work on honing your paddling technique to efficiently navigate the water, perfecting your pop-up to ensure a smooth transition to standing, and teaching you how to read and select suitable waves for optimal surfing experiences.

Gaining confidence in the water

As you progress through this level, we'll provide a supportive environment for you to build confidence in the water. We'll focus on helping you overcome any fears or uncertainties, allowing you to feel comfortable and secure while riding the waves.

Beginner is for those who have never surfed before or need a refresher after a long break. Whether you’re a first-timer or have had a couple of surf sessions in the past, this level focuses on building a strong foundation in surfing. We will start by introducing you to the basics, teaching you proper paddling techniques, and helping you master the pop-up, which is the transition from lying on the board to standing up. With our coaching, you’ll gain confidence in wave selection and learn essential skills to get you up and riding. This pack is designed to give you the knowledge and practice you need to start enjoying the thrill of surfing in a safe and supportive environment.

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Level 2

Familiarity with the basics of surfing

Having a solid understanding of the fundamental principles of surfing allows us to build upon your existing knowledge and skills, providing a strong foundation for further progression.

Able to catch waves, stand up and ride straight down the wave

At this level, you have mastered the basic skill of standing up on the surfboard and successfully riding straight down the face of the wave.

Starting to learn how to go left and right on a wave

We will focus on expanding your surfing abilities by introducing techniques and maneuvers that allow you to navigate and control your board, enabling you to ride both left and right on the wave.

Building on fundamental skills and increasing wave and ocean knowledge

Continue to refine your fundamental skills, such as paddling, pop-up, and body positioning. Additionally, we will expand your understanding of wave dynamics, helping you make better decisions in wave selection and positioning, ultimately enhancing your overall surfing performance

We’ll take your surfing skills to the next level. If you’re already comfortable standing up and riding straight down the wave, it’s time to expand your repertoire. We’ll focus on improving your ability to go left and right on a wave, providing you with the techniques and knowledge to maneuver and control your surfboard. While you may be able to catch waves independently, our experienced instructors will be there to offer coaching and help you refine your skills. With a strong emphasis on building wave knowledge and enhancing your surfing abilities, this pack will elevate your confidence and enable you to progress as a surfer.

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Level 3

Independent wave-catching ability, but seeking assistance

At this level, you have developed the skills to paddle out and catch waves on your own, demonstrating independence and proficiency in getting into the lineup and positioning yourself for wave selection

Developing bottom and top turns and generating speed

You focus on refining your technique and execute bottom turns and top turns, enable to generate speed and increase your maneuverability on the wave face.

Refining technique and increasing maneuverability

We will work closely with you to fine-tune your technique, helping you improve your overall surfing skills and increasing your ability to perform maneuvers with precision and control.

Building confidence in more challenging surfing conditions

As you progress in, we will expose you to more challenging surfing conditions, such as larger waves or different types of breaks, to help you build confidence and expand your comfort zone in varying and potentially more demanding surf scenarios.

Ready to take your skills to an advanced surfing level? Our Level 3 is for surfers who can catch waves independently and are now focusing on improving their technique and maneuverability. We’ll help you refine your bottom and top turns, enabling you to generate speed and control your board with precision. While you have the ability to catch waves, we’ll guide you in choosing the right ones to maximize your performance. With a focus on technique, wave selection, and increased confidence in more challenging conditions, this pack will take your surfing abilities to new heights.

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Level 4

Independent surfing ability with knowledge of etiquette

You have the skills to surf independently and possess a solid understanding of surfing etiquette, ensuring a respectful and harmonious experience in the lineup.

Proficient in going left and right, performing bottom and top turns

You have mastered the ability to navigate the wave face, confidently executing both bottom turns and top turns, allowing for fluid transitions and increased maneuverability while riding both left and right on the wave.

Desire to improve surfing technique and execute radical maneuvers

Focus on fine-tuning your surfing technique, helps you improve your skills, and preparing you to execute more advanced maneuvers, such as aerials, carving maneuvers, and more radical and progressive tricks.

tackle more challenging waves and progress as an advanced surfer

As an advanced surfer, you are prepared to take off on more challenging waves, including larger swells and different types of breaks. This level will push your limits, encouraging further progression in your surfing journey.

Here is for those who can confidently navigate the lineup, go left and right, and execute bottom and top turns. In this pack, we’ll focus on fine-tuning your surfing technique and introducing you to more radical maneuvers. With guidance from our experienced instructors, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of body mechanics, timing, and positioning to enhance your surfing style. Whether you’re looking to improve your cutbacks, snaps, or other advanced maneuvers, this pack will challenge and push your surfing skills to the next level.

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Level 5

Proficient in advanced turns such as cutbacks and snaps

As an experienced surfer, you have honed your skills to execute advanced turns like cutbacks and snaps with precision, adding style and flair to your surfing repertoire.

Confidence in surfing overhead waves and shallow reef breaks

You possess the confidence and ability to tackle larger waves, including overhead waves, as well as shallow reef breaks, demonstrating your expertise and understanding of the unique challenges they present.

Exploring advanced maneuvers and progressive surfing techniques

In this level, we will delve into the realm of advanced maneuvers and progressive surfing techniques. We will introduce you to a wide range of tricks, maneuvers, and innovative approaches that will further expand your skill set and creativity in the water.

Ready to take on the most challenging waves and push your limits

As an advanced surfer, you are eager to test your skills and push your limits by riding the most challenging waves available. This level will provide opportunities for you to challenge yourself and explore new boundaries in your surfing journey.

Experienced surfers who have already mastered advanced turns like cutbacks and snaps. You have confidence in handling overhead waves and challenging conditions, including shallow reef breaks. In this pack, we’ll focus on continuous improvement, fine-tuning your skills, and exploring progressive surfing techniques. Our instructors will guide you in executing complex maneuvers and help you refine your style. Whether you’re aiming to increase your wave repertoire, improve your flow, or conquer even more challenging waves, this pack is tailored to take your surfing to the highest level of performance.

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